Nejkrásnější filmová místa v Jižních Čechách

South Bohemia as a place of crime

From January 2, 2023, the crime series České Budějovice Crime Scene is running of Czech Television The series has 13 episodes and although the name is the largest South Bohemian city, in the series you will also see other, smaller cities and landscapes typical of our region.

„Despite the fact that the series has the name of a South Bohemian metropolis in its title, it won´t be a classic urban detective story. On the contrary, our aim is to spend as much time as possible outside in the countryside or in smaller towns and to show the iconic places associated with the region. The picturesqueness and tranquility of the South Bohemian landscape are contrasted with crime, mostly banal, brutal and unnecessary.“ explains the creative producer of Czech Television Jan Lekeš.

The crime scene series has already visited the Pilsen and Moravian-Silesian regions. Now it was the turn of the south Bohemian region. Will we really see more than just České Budějovice?

„We actually shot all over the county. We started in the Šumava, but we were in Tábor, České Budějovice, on the right bank of the Lipno, on the border with Bavaria in the Šumava Dreisesel, in the beautiful meanders of the Vltava river near the Maiden Stone castle, in the iconic Český Krumlov, among the Vltavín seekers, in the despondent a landscape scarred by mining activity.In two parts, we will also look at the well-known South Bohemian castles, Blatná and Hluboka nad Vltava. Some of the episodes are again based on real criminal cases. We found that southern Bohemia is quieter from a criminalistic point of view. The entire filming lasted from October 5, 2021 to July 7, 2022. During August, we filmed one more picture in Bučina (Buchwald) in Šumava. In total, we spent a long but beautiful 103 filming days with the crew. The vast majority of them, around 70%, were implemented precisely on locations in South Bohemia. The impression will be really authentic. Everywhere we met with a warm welcome from local residents and wiling cooperation during filming, and our project was financially supported by the South Bohemian Region.” theme writer and producer Martin Froyda

And he also added We chose South Bohemia deliberately to create a sharp contrast with the distinctly raw Ostrava

Individual cases will be investigated by a police team consisting of David Novotný, Judit Pecháček (Bárdos), Leoš Noha and Filip Březina.

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